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Solvent Extraction


The many steps involved in sample preparation can now be automated with ASE flow-through technology. Filtration and clean-up of solid samples can be achieved as part of the solvent extraction process in a single step. ASE offers a lower cost per sample than other techniques, reducing solvent consumption by up to 90%.

•Extractions for sample sizes 1–100 g in minutes
•Dramatic solvent reduction
•Wide range of applications
•Handles acidic and alkaline matrices
•Approved for use by the U.S. EPA and CLP Program
Dionex ASE systems can be applied to many industries:

•Pesticides and herbicides
•PAHs and semi-volatiles
•Dioxins and furans
•Air sampling cartridges (XAD and PUFs)
•Brominated flame retardants
ASE meets all of the requirements for extraction under U.S. EPA SW-846 Method 6860 Method 3545A for Pressurized Fluid Extraction, and is accepted under CLP SOW OLMO4.2.

Pharmaceutical and Natural Products
•Active ingredients
•Drug delivery devices and packaging
Polymers Using ASTM Method D7210
•Oils and organic acids
•Xylene solubles
•Polymer additives (polyolefins, PVC)
•Vitamins and antibiotics
•Natural products
•Pesticides and herbicides in food
•Pesticide residues
•Fat and lipid determination after acid pre-treatment
•Herbal and dietary supplements
Consumer Products
•Paper and pulp
•Bio fuels
•Textiles and fibers