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Diode lasers

L4 High power diodlaser

JDSU 6398-L4 series diode lasers offer 10 W of power from a 105 um fiber. The L4 is a revolutionary platform, incorporating a highly reliable design into a scalable commercial product. L4 multimode pump modules offer high brightness, a small footprint and simplified thermal management by distributing the diodes (heat sources), allowing the use of either air- or water-cooled architectures with predictable high reliability.

Single mode diodlaser

High-resolution applications require diffraction-limited sources. Faster writing, wider dynamic range and better signal-to-noise ratio may be achieved with JDSU’s high-reliability 5400 Series single-mode diode lasers. Available in power levels up to 200 mW kink-free, this advanced diode laser combines a quantum well structure and a real-refractive index-guided singlemode waveguide to provide high power, low astigmatism, narrow spectral width and a single spatial mode Gaussian far field. JDSU 5400 Series diode lasers are among the most reliable high-power diode lasers available in the industry today.

DSU is leading the commercial laser industry's transition to "telecom-grade" diode laser products. Our diverse portfolio of near-infrared diode lasers offers predictable reliability with at least 100,000 hours mean time before failure (MTBF) while delivering high brightness at competitive price points.

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