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DPSS Lasers

Q series

The JDSU Q Series lasers lead the market for high-power Q-switched diode-pumped UV lasers used for a wide variety of micromachining and solar cell processing applications. Whether for high pulse-energy processing of refractory materials such as silicon; high repetition rate processing of packaging materials such as Kapton; or patterning thin-film solar cells, the Q Series lasers deliver unsurpassed performance combined with industry-leading uptime.

Due to the self-stabilizing characteristics of intracavity UV harmonic generation, all Q Series lasers exhibit inherently high pulse-to-pulse energy and long-term output power stability. In addition, the excellent thermal stability of the unique Nd:YAG-based direct-coupled pump (DCP) architecture maintains exceptionally stable beam position and profile, which is important for processes requiring accurate feature placement. These advantages enable Q series lasers to achieve the tightest possible process tolerances for micromachining and other materials processing applications.

Key Features

  • Highest commercially available pulse energy and peak power
  • Tighter process control due to superior energy stability enabled by unique intracavity harmonic generation
  • Capable of processing widest range of materials due to wide range of pulse energies and repetition rates
  • High reliability due to low fluence in harmonic crystals and no cavity optic coatings exposed to UV
  • 355 or 532 nm outputs available
The JDSU Xcyte series lasers offer the advantages of diode-pumped solid-state lasers in quasi-CW 355nm air-cooled format. The Xcyte series lasers provide near diffraction-limited beam profile, excellent stability, long lifetime and low amplitude noise in a compact, low cost of ownership (COO) package. These qualities make the Xcyte laser the ideal replacement for HeCd and argon lasers in applications such as flow cytometry, microstereolithography and semiconductor wafer inspection.

The FCD488 is a continuous wave 10, 20 and 25 mW 488 nm solid-state laser, featuring fiber-based architecture. The package contains both the optical elements of the laser and the control electronics, allowing full control and diagnostics of the laser system through an analog interface and RS232 interface. It has a low heat load, so the laser operates without a heat sink. The JDSU CDPS532M is a continuous wave 10 to 50 mW 532 nm diode-pumped solid state laser in a very compact package. Its head contains the laser cavity together with a beam-shaping telescope to provide a low divergence laser with excellent mode quality. The laser controller allows full control and diagnostics of the laser system.

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