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Cable Diagnostics


With  truesinus® digital technology, BAUR offers the most modern technology for generating high voltage with VLF (Very Low Frequency, 0.1 Hz). This absolutely sinus-shaped VLF-voltage enables the most conservative testing and diagnostics, which conforms to standards, of modern medium-voltage cable.
Even for old cable designs, e.g., paper pulp cable , BAUR offers perfected devices for traditional DC voltage testing. Compared to the higher costs incurred for repairs and power failure damage, an investment in testing and diagnostics technology is low and a verifiable contributor to the cost-effective operation of cable networks.

Diagnostics using dissipation factor measurement with a 0.1 Hz sinuso?dal voltage provides information on the ageing characteristic of PE/XLPE cables. Differentiation is made between new, lightly and heavily water-tree damaged cables. In this way a priority for cable replacement can be determined. The combination of the programmable test generator, PHG 70 or PHG 80, with the BAUR dissipation factor measurement system results in the cable test and diagnostic system PHG TD. The system is operated via the PC controller. In the Dissipation Factor Measurement menu, diagnostic sequences can be programmed. The dissipation factor values are measured at different voltage levels and are then evaluated for differential TD.The PHG TD system is available in several variants. In addition to the cable test van version, the system is upgradeable to a partial discharge measuring system and also available as stand-alone unit mounted on a European standard pallet. BAUR can offer separate leads and adapters to meet the different connections that are found within the various substation configurations.

Baur's traditional HV test equipment:

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■Testing of medium and high voltage cables
■DC voltage testing up to 260 kV output voltage with positive or negative polarity
■AC voltage testing - up to 190 kV for switching systems, busbars and machines
■User friendly 2-part design
■Robust and long-lasting
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