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Process Control Engineering


Camille Bauer provides an extensive program for the safe separation, conversion and amplification of signals - also in the Ex area - as links between the actual physical process and the distributed control system. Safety is of paramount importance for us also in this respect.

A comprehensive family of paperless video­graphic recorders has been optimised for the acquisition, visualisation, storage and analysis of process management variables. All of these may be used in an unlimited fashion in plants according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requiring validation. For the acquisition, visualization, storage and analysis of process data both Camille Bauer's videographic recorders of the LINAX A300 series as well as the temperature controller system VR660/A200R are suitable. By means of their modular structure they can be adapted very easy to the respective demands.

Temperature measurement is the most common industrial measurement task. Because of the very different requirements Camille Bauer offers an extensive program of programmable temperature transmitters. These devices convert thermal voltages of thermocouples or resistances of resistance thermometers into analog output signals or a bus protocol.
The modular temperature control system VR660 / A200R can be suited to the individual customer needs

Camille Bauer's signal conversion interface modules are the links between the real physical process and the control system. Use the [EEx ia]-version of this function modules to assure a save data transmission from the potentially explosive area to the non-hazardous area and vice-versa.


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