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Insulation Oil Testing


Insulating fluids are a key component of much electrical equipment. Highly refined mineral oils, silicone fluids, vegetable oil (natural esters) and synthetic esters guarantee the operation of transformers, medical and safety or even radar technology devices.

Baur offers instruments for thefollowing applicatioins:

■Fully automatic measurement of the dielectric strength of liquid insulations up to 100 kV
■Excellent design for high efficiency and usability
■Extraordinarily powerful for continuous use in the laboratory
■Clear and reliable results through the latest measurement technology
■Repeatable breakdown measurement in mineral oil, silicone and ester fluids

■Fully automatic measurement of the dissipation factor, the specific resistance and the relative permittivity of insulating oils
■Easy application with 8 pre-programmable standards for quick and extensive analysis
■Extended analysis for testing and research laboratories with individually programmable measuring sequences
■Maximum accuracy with tan δ measurement up to 1 x 10-6
■Excellent design for high efficiency and user-friendliness

■Fully automatic determination of the water content in insulating oils according to the Karl-Fischer method
■Precise measurement with parameter controller
■Absolute water content of 10 μg to 200 μg
■Automatic drift correction

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