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Heavy Current Transducers


 A plant is monitored in a targeted fashion at defined measuring points in order to provide the desired information for customers, i.e. the current status of a network node, consumption habits and possible supply bottle necks, extreme variables or the quality of the power supply system.

Being the market leader in electrical instrumentation Camille Bauer offers both comprehensive consultation and custom-made solutions for specific measuring problems.

Product range includes:

Heavy-current engineering, unifunctional devices
These mostly analog based devices are produced as requested by the customer. Therefore they are suited to a specific measurement task. During the installation process often an additional fine tuning of the output signal via potentiometer is possible.

Heavy-current engineering, multifunctional devices
Our multifunctional heavy-current transducers are programmable and may be used for the measurement of almost all quantities of an electrical power system. The application (system configuration) as well as the behaviour of the analog and digital outputs are software configurable. The measurand acquisition via programming or bus interface during normal operation is also supported.

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