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About Us




Manbar is a well established Israeli representation and marketing company since 1989, specializing in scientific research equipment and test and measurement equipment for the electrical high power industry. We offer analytical instrumentation from world leader manufacturers for R&D and industrial applications, covering Ion-Chromatography, Elementary Analyzers, Spectroscopy, Spectro-Radiometery, Raman Micro-Spectroscopy and color analysis.

Manbar represents in Israel leading lasers manufacturers, with products designed for the Semiconductors, Electronics and Medical industries as well as for a variety of cutting edge research applictions. In the field of electrical high power we focus on cable fault location and diagnostic equipment, insulation media testing, Partial Discharge measuring instruments, transducers, and portable electrical  testers.

We work closely with all the research institutes in Israel and with most of the industrial R&D and QA/QC laboratories in the country. We have excellent contacts in the electro-optics, chemicals, pharmaceutical, electrical power, electronic, plastic and food industries here, as well as with research and regulatory bodies within the government (Standards Institute, Defense and Military Agencies, Police, Health Ministry, Water Authorities, Environmental Protection Agencies, etc.).

Our activities with all our principals cover sales (marketing, promotion, demonstrations and seminars) installation, training and after-sale service.

Our own laboratory is equipped with Ion Chromatographs, FTIR Spectrometer, NIR Spectrometer, Solvent Extraction System, Color Analyzers and more. The lab systems are used for customer's feasibility studies and for demonstration purposes.

MANBAR TECHNOLOGY is an equipment and maintenance provider specializing in three major fields: