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Angular Position Transmitters

The slightest movements in machine construction, transportation, and process engineering may be precisely detected and analysed by angle measurement. If angle measuring systems are subjected to adverse conditions like strong vibration, aggressive atmospheres or wide temperature fluctuations, our patented capacitive measuring system demonstrates its advantages. It is exactly at this point that the non-contact measuring principle is by far superior to optical or resistive systems. In addition, our angular position instrumentation is free of wear and tear and thus also maintenance-free. Different variants may be selected according to application: The OEM version for installation in customer applications, the mounting of robust designs for machines, and heavy machine construction. We are the first manufacturer world-wide, offering a capacitive rotation angle transmitter which can be programmed and linearised via user friendly software.
Inclination transmitters
The inclination transmitter KINAX N702 serie converts the tilt angle into a direct current signal, proportional to the angle. The output signal is either available as an analog signal in form of a current change or digitally with a CANopen or SSI bus interface.

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